Our Company History

Early on, Proline Digital produced and marketed products for records, tapes, and home videotape recorders. We then welcomed the arrival of computer systems, which were then followed by compact discs. Having customers around the world taught us that selling quality products go a long way in earning a great reputation. 

 Today, our company delivers solutions for out-of-the-home instant communication and promotion through digital signage, which is backed by enhanced audio and video. While we will continue to adapt to new technology, we recognize that our roots run deep with media packaging, storage, and care. 


Commitment to Quality

Proline Digital has developed many patented products and designs. These include disc preservation formulas and filing systems as well as recyclable multidisc albums for circulation, which are widely used in diverse markets.

Our team is continually motivated by the product design awards we receive, as well as the media credits given to our items and our company. However, our greatest inspiration is our customers’ complete satisfaction. 


Connect With Us

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